Advanced configuration

Environment flags

The CoScale agent can be configured using environment variables. The variables are picked up on boot, so an agent restart is required to enable them.

COSCALE_HOSTNAME=[custom hostname]

By default the CoScale agent will use the system hostname and will not add a new server if the hostname already exists on our service. Change this value if you would like to set a custom hostname or to force adding a new server to the CoScale environment. This can be used in cases when two machines share the same hostname.


Will increase the verbosity of the CoScale agent, this should only be used for debugging purposes or when requested by CoScale support. The possible levels are: trace, debug, info, warn, error



On the Linux operating systems you can add the environment variables to the /etc/default/coscale-agent file.

export COSCALE_HOSTNAME=my-server-name


Application level

Application level environment variables are added through the registry. Open the registry editor regedit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\CoScaleAgent

Now create a new value by rightclicking on the right side on the Window and going to New and then Multi-String Value. The name of the new item should be Environment. You can then edit the item by double clicking on it.

Example content:


After changing the file you need to restart the CoScale agent.

System wide

You can also define system wide env variables.

Example content: