Create and install the Agent The CoScale lightweight agent is used to monitor server infrastructure and services, it uses log parsing and global status pages to gather its data and pushes the data to the CoScale platform through HTTPS calls. Below you can find a list of supported plugins and more advanced features.

GNU Linux / Unix

Microsoft Windows


Overview of all plugins with more information about the metrics gathered and special features.







Generic monitoring

3rd party integrations


  • Cloud environments Specific configuration, agent management and autoscaling tips & tricks for Cloud based providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
  • Environment flags Advanced environment flags you can use to customize the agent hostname, auto updating functionality and log level.
  • Firewall / Proxy Information about CoScale agent firewall settings and proxy configuration.
  • Custom templates Specific configuration for config management systems.
  • Accept webrequests Manually accept specific web requests.
  • Refine webrequests Specific configuration for tracking web requests by their HTTP method.
  • Remove a server Removing a server or an agent from your application.
  • HOST feature Monitor services that run on a host from our Container Agent.