Environment variables configuration

Our agent can get its configuration values for plugins from environment values configured on the server. This allows you to use the same agent for a lot of servers without having to generate a new agent for different configuration setups. An example where this might be used is with database plugin where the status user password isn’t the same on all machines.

At the moment we only support Linux.

How to get started

1. Create environment file

Create a /etc/default/coscale-agent and add the following content


# You can choose your own variable names and content, you can add as many as you like
export CS_MYSQL_HOST=localhost
export CS_MYSQL_PORT=3306
export CS_MYSQL_USER=user
export CS_MYSQL_PASSWORD=password
export CS_MYSQL_DATABASE=product


2. Configure agent

In the plugin configuration you set the configuration settings to the variable names you created. In this example I’m configuring the MySQL database plugin with custom variables.

Environment values setup in MySQL plugin

3. Restart the Agent

Restart the agent, afterwards the config will be read from file.