Monitoring and collecting data from Calico

Free and open source, Project Calico is designed to simplify, scale, and secure cloud networks. Calico provides secure network connectivity for containers and virtual machine workloads. Calico creates and manages a flat layer 3 network, assigning each workload a fully routable IP address. Workloads can communicate without IP encapsulation or network address translation for bare metal performance, easier troubleshooting, and better interoperability. In environments that require an overlay, Calico uses IP-in-IP tunneling or can work with other overlay networking such as flannel.

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How it works

The core Calico component is Felix. Felix exposes metrics through a Prometheus endpoint. This plugin gathers Calico metrics from the Felix metrics endpoint, parses the metrics and pushes them to CoScale.


The plugin needs to be installed together with a CoScale agent, instructions on how to install the CoScale agent can be found here. If you want to monitor Calico inside Docker containers using CoScale, check out the instructions here.


The list of endpoints exposing Calico metrics is required.


Depends on the exposed metrics.