ElasticSearch plugin

Search & Analyze Data in Real Time. Distributed, scalable, and highly available. Real-time search and analytics capabilities. Sophisticated RESTful API.

More information on: https://www.elastic.co/products/elasticsearch

How it works

The plugin connects to the ElasticSearch server and uses the node stats call to fetch statistics about the server.

These statistics include information about the processes, threads, network and JVM. These statistics are gathered by default and no additional configuration is required. Just provide the connection details and the plugin is ready to go.

The minimal supported version of ElasticSearch is 0.90.


Active checks

This plugin can be configured to execute a URI query on your ElasticSearch. This active monitoring allows us to calculate the uptime of the service and the response time of the query.

A valid URI query (eg. http://localhost:9200/twitter/tweet/_search?q=user:kimchy) should be provided.


  • Service state


Metric name Metric unit
ElasticSearch transport tx size b
Current number of ElasticSearch search queries  
ElasticSearch %s collection count  
ElasticSearch %s collection time s
ElasticSearch %s count  
ElasticSearch %s current  
ElasticSearch %s estimated size b
ElasticSearch %s evictions  
ElasticSearch %s free b
ElasticSearch %s limit size b
ElasticSearch %s memory size b
ElasticSearch %s overhead  
ElasticSearch %s query cache miss count  
ElasticSearch %s querycache hit count  
ElasticSearch %s size b
ElasticSearch %s throttle time s
ElasticSearch %s time s
ElasticSearch %s timestamp  
ElasticSearch %s total b
ElasticSearch %s total capacity b
ElasticSearch %s total time s
ElasticSearch %s tripped  
ElasticSearch %s uptime s
ElasticSearch %s used b
ElasticSearch active primary shards  
ElasticSearch active shards  
ElasticSearch actual free memory b
ElasticSearch available file system space of all disks b
ElasticSearch cached memory b
ElasticSearch CPU idle  
ElasticSearch CPU stolen  
ElasticSearch CPU sys  
ElasticSearch CPU sys time s
ElasticSearch CPU usage  
ElasticSearch CPU user  
ElasticSearch free memory percent %
ElasticSearch fs total disk write size b
ElasticSearch http current_open  
ElasticSearch http total_opened  
ElasticSearch index time s
ElasticSearch indexing Delete current number  
ElasticSearch indices indexing index current  
ElasticSearch indices indexing noop update total  
ElasticSearch indices merges current docs  
ElasticSearch indices merges current size b
ElasticSearch indices merges total size b
ElasticSearch indices percolate queries  
ElasticSearch indices search fetch time s
ElasticSearch indices search fetch total  
ElasticSearch indices search open contexts  
ElasticSearch indices search queries time s
ElasticSearch indices segments fixed bit set memory b
ElasticSearch indices segments index writer max memory b
ElasticSearch indices segments index writer memory b
ElasticSearch indices segments memory b
ElasticSearch indices segments version map memory b
ElasticSearch indices translog operations  
ElasticSearch initializing shards  
ElasticSearch jvm heap max memory b
ElasticSearch jvm heap memory committed b
ElasticSearch jvm heap memory used b
ElasticSearch jvm heap memory used percent %
ElasticSearch jvm mem non heap committed b
ElasticSearch jvm peak number of threads  
ElasticSearch jvm used non heap memory b
ElasticSearch Network tcp attempt fails  
ElasticSearch network tcp curr_estab  
ElasticSearch network tcp out_rsts  
ElasticSearch network tcp passive_opens  
ElasticSearch number of data nodes  
ElasticSearch number of delete requests req/s
ElasticSearch number of deleted documents  
ElasticSearch number of get requests req/s
ElasticSearch number of index requests req/s
ElasticSearch number of nodes  
ElasticSearch OS memory actual used b
ElasticSearch process CPU percent %
ElasticSearch process CPU total time s
ElasticSearch process CPU user s
ElasticSearch process memory resident b
ElasticSearch process memory share b
ElasticSearch process open file descriptors  
ElasticSearch process total virtual memory b
ElasticSearch relocating shards  
ElasticSearch requests req/s
ElasticSearch Search - Fetch current  
ElasticSearch total gets number for missing indexes  
ElasticSearch total capacity buffered memory b
ElasticSearch total disk IO operation size b
ElasticSearch total disk read size b
ElasticSearch total disk reads  
ElasticSearch total disk writes  
ElasticSearch total gets time for missing indexes s
ElasticSearch transport - server open  
ElasticSearch transport rx_count  
ElasticSearch transport rx_size b
ElasticSearch transport tx_count  
ElasticSearch unassigned shards  
ElasticSearch used buffered memory b
ElasticSearch used memory percent %
fs total ElasticSearch disk IO op  
Indexing deletion time s
Indices merges total ElasticSearch docs  
Indices search ElasticSearch queries total number queries/s
Network tcp in ElasticSearch errs  
Number of times ElasticSearch TCP connections have made a transition to CLOSE state from ESTABLISHED  
TCP network ElasticSearch active_opens number  
TCP network ElasticSearch in_segs  
TCP network ElasticSearch out_segs  
TCP network ElasticSearch segment retransmission number  
Total number of gets on existent indices  
Total time for gets on existent indices s