Monitoring and collecting data from Fluentd

Fluentd is an open source data collector for unified logging layer. Fluentd tries to structure data as JSON as much as possible: this allows Fluentd to unify all facets of processing log data: collecting, filtering, buffering, and outputting logs across multiple sources and destinations (Unified Logging Layer). Fluentd supports memory- and file-based buffering to prevent inter-node data loss. Fluentd also support robust failover and can be set up for high availability.

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How it works

This plugin gets statistics about Fluentd.


The plugin needs to be installed together with a CoScale agent, instructions on how to install the CoScale agent can be found here. If you want to monitor FluentD inside Docker containers using CoScale, check out the instructions here.


Fluentd has a monitoring agent to retrieve internal metrics in JSON via HTTP. Please add the following lines to your configuration file:

  @type monitor_agent
  port 24220

Also, provide the hostname and port.


Metric name Metric unit
FluentD buffer queue length #
FluentD buffer queue size b
FluentD retry count #
FluentD active check uptime %
FluentD active check latency s