Monitoring and collecting data from IIS - Internet Information Services

Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows® Server is a flexible, secure and manageable Web server for hosting anything on the Web. From media streaming to web applications, IIS’s scalable and open architecture is ready to handle the most demanding tasks.

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How it works

The plugin gathers global statistics using the performance counter client. No configuration is needed. It captures traffic rates, latencies and response codes of requests sent to the web server by parsing the IIS access log file. See next step for more information.

The minimal supported version of IIS is 7.0.


The plugin needs to be installed together with a CoScale agent, instructions on how to install the CoScale agent can be found here. If you want to monitor IIS inside Docker containers using CoScale, check out the instructions here.


  1. Open “Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager”

  2. Select the connection to your server.

  3. Double click the Logging icon. Logging icon location

  4. Select the W3C Format and click Select Fields

    W3C format selection

  5. Select the following fields: cs-uri-stem cs-uri-query sc-status sc-bytes cs-bytes time-taken cs-host W3C format fields W3C format fields

  6. Apply the log format Apply format link

  7. Go back to the Server view and restart the IIS service Restart server link



Name Unit Dimensions
IIS active check latency s  
IIS active check uptime %  
IIS anonymous Users/sec users/s  
IIS bytes Received/sec b/s  
IIS bytes Sent/sec b  
IIS bytes Total/sec b/s  
IIS CGI Requests/sec req/s  
IIS connection Attempts/sec conn/s  
IIS copy Requests/sec req/s  
IIS current Anonymous Users users  
IIS current Blocked Async I/O Requests req  
IIS current blocked bandwidth bytes. b  
IIS current CGI Requests req  
IIS current Connections conn  
IIS current ISAPI Extension Requests req  
IIS current NonAnonymous Users users  
IIS delete Requests/sec req/s  
IIS files Received/sec files/s  
IIS files Sent/sec files/s  
IIS files/sec files/s  
IIS head Requests/sec req/s  
IIS ISAPI Extension Requests/sec req/s  
IIS lock Requests/sec req/s  
IIS locked Errors/sec errors/s  
IIS logon Attempts/sec #/s  
IIS maximum Anonymous Users users  
IIS maximum CGI Requests req  
IIS maximum Connections conn  
IIS maximum ISAPI Extension Requests req  
IIS maximum NonAnonymous Users users  
IIS measured Async I/O Bandwidth Usage b  
IIS mkcol Requests/sec req/s  
IIS move Requests/sec req/s  
IIS nonAnonymous Users/sec users/s  
IIS not Found Errors/sec errors/s  
IIS options Requests/sec req/s  
IIS other Request Methods/sec req/s  
IIS post Requests/sec req/s  
IIS propfind Requests/sec req/s  
IIS proppatch Requests/sec req/s  
IIS put Requests/sec req/s  
IIS search Requests/sec req/s  
IIS service Uptime s  
IIS set Requests/sec req/s  
IIS total Allowed Async I/O Requests req  
IIS total Anonymous Users users  
IIS total Blocked Async I/O Requests req  
IIS total blocked bandwidth bytes. b  
IIS total Bytes Received b  
IIS total Bytes Sent b  
IIS total Bytes Transferred b  
IIS total CGI Requests req  
IIS total Connection Attempts (all instances) conn  
IIS total Copy Requests req  
IIS total Delete Requests req  
IIS total Files Received files  
IIS total Files Sent files  
IIS total Files Transferred files  
IIS total Get Requests req  
IIS total Head Requests req  
IIS total ISAPI Extension Requests req  
IIS total Lock Requests req  
IIS total Locked Errors errors  
IIS total Logon Attempts #  
IIS total Method Requests req  
IIS total Method Requests/sec req/s  
IIS total Mkcol Requests req  
IIS total Move Requests req  
IIS total NonAnonymous Users users  
IIS total Not Found Errors errors  
IIS total Options Requests req  
IIS total Other Request Methods req  
IIS total Post Requests req  
IIS total Propfind Requests req  
IIS total Proppatch Requests req  
IIS total Put Requests req  
IIS total Rejected Async I/O Requests req  
IIS total Search Requests req  
IIS total Trace Requests req  
IIS total Unlock Requests req  
IIS trace Requests/sec req/s  
IIS unlock Requests/sec req/s