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  • Start of new email campaign
  • End of email campaign
  • New subscriber list created
  • Subscriber list deleted


Metric name Metric unit
Abuse reports by campaign  
Click rate by campaign  
Click-to-deliver rate (CTDR)  
Delivery rate  
Emails sent by campaign  
Facebook likes by campaign  
Forward opens by campaign  
Hard bounces by campaign  
List average subscription rate by campaign  
List average subscription rate by list  
List average unsubscription rate by campaign  
List average unsubscription rate by list  
List campaign count  
List cleaned count  
List cleaned count since send  
List click rate by campaign  
List click rate by list  
List member count  
List member count since send  
List merge var count  
List open rate by campaign  
List open rate by list  
List rating  
List target subscription rate  
List unsubscribe count  
List unsubscribe count since send  
Open rate by campaign  
Recipient likes by campaign  
Soft bounces by campaign  
Subscriber retention rate  
Syntax errors by campaign  
Total clicks by campaign  
Total forwards by campaign  
Total opens by campaign  
Unique clicks by campaign  
Unique likes by campaign  
Unique opens by campaign  
Unique subscriber clicks by campaign  
Unsubscribe count by campaign