Monitoring and collecting data from MongoDB

MongoDB is an open-source, document database designed for ease of development and scaling. MongoDB stores data using a flexible document data model that is similar to JSON. Documents contain one or more fields, including arrays, binary data and sub-documents. Fields can vary from document to document. This flexibility allows development teams to evolve the data model rapidly as their application requirements change. When you need to lock down your data model, optional document validation enforces the rules you choose. Unlike most NoSQL databases, MongoDB provides comprehensive secondary indexes, including geospatial and text search, as well as extensive security and aggregation capabilities.

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How it works

MongoDB provides statistics on lock timeouts, lock counts, insert/update/remove actions, total index size, etc through the MongoDB interface.

These statistics are gathered by default and no additional configuration is required. Just provide the connection details and the plugin is ready to go.

The minimal supported version of MongoDB is 2.2.


The plugin needs to be installed together with a CoScale agent, instructions on how to install the CoScale agent can be found here. If you want to monitor MongoDB inside Docker containers using CoScale, check out the instructions here.


Connection details

Our plugin requires the host, port, username and password to connect to the local MongoDB service.

Active checks

This plugin can be configured to perform a command on your MongoDB. This active monitoring allows us to calculate the uptime of the service and the response time of the command.

A valid MongoDB command (eg. { "find": "my-collection", "filter": "my-document" }) should be provided.



Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB active check latency s  
MongoDB active check uptime %  
MongoDB estimate uptime s  
MongoDb oplog replication lag s Member
MongoDB process uptime s  
MongoDb total oplog replication lag s  

MongoDB / Asserts

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB message assertions msg  
MongoDB regular asserts #  
MongoDB rollovers asserts #  
MongoDB user asserts #  
MongoDB warning asserts #  

MongoDB / Background Flushing

Name Unit Dimensions
Average MongoDB flush operation time s  
Last MongoDB flush operation time s  

MongoDB / Connections

Name Unit Dimensions
Current MongoDB connections conn  
MongoDB created connections conn  

MongoDB / Cursors

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB cursors timed out #  
MongoDB pinned cursors #  
Total MongoDB open cursors #  

MongoDB / Durability

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB compression durability %  

MongoDB / Durability / Time

Name Unit Dimensions
Preparing MongoDB log buffer time s  
Time spent remap private MongoDB view s  
Write to MongoDB data files s  
Write to MongoDB journal s  

MongoDB / Extra Info

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB heap usage b  
MongoDB page faults faults  

MongoDB / Global Lock

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB global lock time s  
MongoDB total time s  

MongoDB / Global Lock / Active Clients

Name Unit Dimensions
Active MongoDB client connections conn  
Global lock active MongoDB clients readers conn  
Global lock active MongoDB clients writers #  

MongoDB / Global Lock / Current Queue

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB queue readers #  
MongoDB queue writers #  
Total MongoDB queue operations #  

MongoDB / Index Counters

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB index counters accesses #  
MongoDB index counters hits #  
MongoDB index counters misses #  
MongoDB index counters resets #  
MongoDB miss ratio %  

MongoDB / Locks

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB locked % %  
MongoDB locked read time s  
MongoDB locked write time s  

MongoDB / Locks / Oplog

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB locks Oplog accquire count read #  
MongoDB locks oplog acquire count write #  
MongoDB locks oplog acquire wait count read #  
MongoDB locks oplog acquire wait count write #  
MongoDB locks oplog deadlock count read #  
MongoDB locks oplog deadlock count write #  
MongoDB locks oplog time acquiring micros read #  
MongoDB locks oplog time acquiring micros write #  

MongoDB / Members

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB health   Member
MongoDB latency between primary member and other member s Member
MongoDB state   Member
MongoDB uptime s Member

MongoDB / Memory

Name Unit Dimensions
Mapped with MongoDB journal memory b  
MongoDB resident memory b  
MongoDB target architecture    
MongoDB virtual memory b  

MongoDB / Metrics / Commands

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB number of connections available from the mongos to the config servers, replica sets, and standalone mongod instances in the cluster conn  
MongoDB number of times dbHash command was executed #  
MongoDB number of times features command was executed #  

MongoDB / Metrics / Cursors

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB open cursors #  
MongoDB open cursors with noTimeout #  
MongoDB timed out cursors #  

MongoDB / Metrics / Document

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB documents deleted docs  
MongoDB documents inserted docs  
MongoDB documents returned docs  
Updated MongoDB documents docs  

MongoDB / Metrics / Last Error

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB LastError write time s  
MongoDB lastError writes number writes  
MongoDB write timeouts #  

MongoDB / Metrics / Operation

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB fastmod operations #  
Scan and order MongoDB queries queries  

MongoDB / Metrics / Query Executor

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB index items scanned #  

MongoDB / Metrics / Record

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB record moves #  

MongoDB / Metrics / Replication

Name Unit Dimensions
Applying MongoDB operations time s  
MongoDB batches number #  

MongoDB / Metrics / Replication / Buffer

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB buffer max size b  
MongoDB buffer operations #  
MongoDB Oplog buffer size b  

MongoDB / Metrics / Replication / Network

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB getmore operations #  
MongoDB getmore operations time s  
MongoDB replication data read b  

MongoDB / Metrics / Replication / Oplog

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB repl oplog insert num    
MongoDB repl oplog insert total s  
MongoDB replication oplog insert bytes b  

MongoDB / Metrics / Replication / Preload

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB documents loading time s  
Preload MongoDB replication indexes number #  
Time loading MongoDB indexes s  

MongoDB / Metrics / TTL

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB deleted documents docs  
MongoDB time to live passes #  

MongoDB / Network

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB network bytes out b  
Network requests number to MongoDB server req  

MongoDB / Operations Counters

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB insert operations #  
MongoDB query operations #  
MongoDB update operations #  

MongoDB / Operations Counters Replication

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB replicated insert operations #  
MongoDB replicated queries queries  
Replicated MongoDB delete operations #  

MongoDB / Record Stats

Name Unit Dimensions
MongoDB access not in memory #  


Name Description Attributes
MONGODB service state watcher State watcher status