Remove server


Make sure CoScale CLI is installed.


  • Check the API URL in your browser. In our example we will use

  • Go to your dashboard, Users -> Access Tokens and copy the token for the agent you wish to remove.

  • Use your application ID and the token from the previous step to list all the servers on that agent:
    coscale-cli server list --api-url= --app-id=<app-id> --access-token=<access-token>

  • Copy the ID of the server you wish to remove and use it in the “server delete” command:
    coscale-cli server delete --api-url= --app-id=<app-id> --access-token=<access-token> --id=<server-id>

  • Once all servers for an agent have been deleted, the agent can be removed as well. Go to your dashboard, Datasources -> Agent and select “Delete agent” from the menu:

Delete agent