Moogsoft alert integration

CoScale supports sending alerts to Moogsoft through the CoScale webhook system. You can find the configuration pages for this on our Alert > Manage page inside the CoScale application. Keep in mind you need to set this up for each Notification scheme.


1. Select the Webhook solution pack in Moogsoft

Use the navigation bar at the top of the page in Moogsoft to navigate to Integrations. At the button of the page you will find the Webhook integration.

Moogsoft webhook button

After clickin on the webhook icon please enter CoScale into the integration name field on the following page and click Save.

2. CoScale Trigger configuration

In CoScale we will use the webhook integration to create push alerts to Moogsoft. Please select the notification scheme you would like to push to Moogsoft and click on the Edit button.

Edit button location

After click Add contact and select Webhook. Follow the instructions below to setup the integration.

3. Configuration

You can find the webhook url on the Moogsoft integration page, copy it to the WebHook URL field. After copy the following to the Format field. You don’t need to change anything here.

"source": "{SUBJECT}",
"external_id": "{ALERT_ID}",
"type": "{METRIC}",
"class": "{ACTION}",
"description": "{MSG}",
"agent_time": "{TIMESTAMP}"

Next you need to add two headers by clicking on the Add Header button twice.

  • The first header field will contain the authentication data. Please add Authorization: Basic [[token]]. The token value can be generated using using this tool. This is because Moogosft requires the authentication to be base64 encoded. Enter the username/password (you can find the values in Moogsoft) in the top field of the tool and click on Encode. The result field contains the value of [[token]].

  • The second header field contains the following Content-Type": "application/json

4. Test CoScale trigger

Use the Test trigger button in the configuration window to test the integration with Pagerduty. You should see an alert appear in a couple of seconds.