Slack alert integration

To integrate alerts with slack all you need to do is add a contact to an alert and set the contact method to Slack and add the Slack webhook url. Follow the instructions below to get your webhook url.

Screenshot of dropdown location in dashboard

How to get a Slack webhook url

To obtain a Slack webhook url you have to configure a new incoming webhook for your Slack channel.

Incoming Webhooks is a mechanism to send messages to your Slack Channel from external sources. These external sources could be any application or service that is capable of sending a JSON payload over HTTP into a Slack Channel. Each Channel will be identified by a unique Incoming Webhook URL to which you can post the message from outside. This configuration is done via the Integrations for your channel.

Assuming that you are the Administrator for your Slack Team Account, log in to the Slack Team Portal and go to Configure Integrations as shown below:

Slack menu screenshot

This will bring up the Configure Integrations page where you can add various integration services to your Team. Since we are interested in Incoming Webhooks Integration, just type “incoming” in the filter search input box as shown below:

Slack configuration search screenshot

Click on View and it should bring up a form to configure the Incoming Webhooks Integration.

The first step is to specify the channel that you want to send the messages to as shown below. We have chosen the #general channel over here.

Slack configuration channel screenshot

Click on Add Incoming Webhooks Integration. This will setup the Integration for you and provide you with a publicly reachable Webhook URL. Scroll down to the Integration Settings section and you should see the details with the channel that you selected the URL that you need to post the message to.

Slack configuration settings screenshot

Remember to click on Save Settings and you should be all set with the Incoming Webhook configured and waiting for your message.