Creating a notification scheme

Before you can start creating alerts we must create a notification scheme. You will attach alerts to certain notification scheme. A notification scheme is just a group of contacts that will be contacted whenever one of the alerts withing the notification scheme triggers.

  1. Go to the alerts manage page and click the create notification scheme button.

    Add notification scheme buttons screenshot

  2. You will see the notification scheme dialog appear with the form inside.

    The most important things here is that you must give the scheme a name, and you must also add at least one contact.

    The rest of the form is not required but might be beneficial for your situation so it is worth considering also filling backup and escalation contacts.

    Add contact screenshot

  3. Once you clicked the add contact button you will see a contact block appear. In this block you can select the contact method and fill in the value for each method.

    You can add as many contacts as you wish.

    Contact information screenshot

  4. Once you are done filling in the form click save and you will see a notification scheme block appear on the page.

    Result screenshot