Adding alerts to a notification scheme

To create a static alert, go to Alerts -> Manage, select the desired notification scheme and click the ‘Add alert’ button to add a new alert to that group.

Add alert button screenshot

The alert dialog will appear and you can start configuring the details for the alert.

Select alert type: Static

Add alert screenshot

Select the type of data. E.g.: Server Metric.

Add alert screenshot

Configure all the parameters. Auto resolving is turned on by default and we recommend to leave it on. The widget with the red line is a visual representation of when the alert should be triggered. Add alert screenshot

Give your alert a name

Add alert screenshot

Click on Finish and your new alert will appear in the list in the notification scheme block.

Add alert screenshot

When hovering over a row you will see the Edit and Delete buttons appear, use these if you wish to change your alert.

Edit alert button screenshot