Third party incident manager integration

When the CoScale monitoring service triggers an alert is it possible to send the notification to a third party incident manager. We do this by sending an e-mail to the provider containing information about the incident. Follow the steps to integrate CoScale with your third party provider.

  1. Find your third party e-mail

    To send alerts to your third party service CoScale needs a custom e-mail as endpoint. Use the guides from third party providers to find the correct e-mail address you have to use for receiving alerts.

    If you cannot find your favorite third party tool, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and support.

  2. Add the e-mail to CoScale

    Now that you have your third party email it is time to add it to a CoScale notification scheme.

    Alert view

    First go to Alerts > Manage here you can choose to add the third party email to a new or an existing scheme. To add it to a new one: click the Create notification scheme button and add the e-mail in the Main contact(s) field. To add it to an existing one: click the Edit button next to the scheme you want to edit and do the same

    Where to fill in the e-mail address

    After filling in the e-mail, click save and from now on all alerts will also be sent to your third-party incident manager.