Webhooks allow you to route CoScale alerts to other systems. You can use a webhook on an alert to route it to services that send messages to a team, or any other type of action.

In order to use webhooks, follow the steps below:

Go to Alerts -> Manage

Click on the “Create a notification scheme” button.

Click on “Add contact”

Select “Webhook” as a contact method.

Webhooks screenshot

API is also available, for advanced usage.

API screenshot

Customize your webhook

You can use the following Alert fields in the body:

  • {ALERT_ID}: the alert ID
  • {SUBJECT}: the server or server group name
  • {METRIC}: name of the metric
  • {DIMENSIONS}: Dimensions of the metric
  • {APP_NAME}: the name of the application
  • {ACTION}: triggered / acknowledged / resolved
  • {MSG}: the message of the alert
  • {LINK}: the link to the alert page
  • {DATE}: alert date
  • {TIME}: alert time
  • {SHORTHOST}: server hostname (not FQDN)