The CoScale plugin for StatsD will push all metrics available in the StatsD daemon to the CoScale infrastructure every minute.



Github repository

Clone the coscale-statsd-plugin repository to your StatsD directory

# Go to directory

# Debian / Ubuntu
cd /usr/share/statsd/node_modules/

# Clone repository
sudo git clone

Now open /etc/statsd/localConfig.js with your favorite editor and add the following, make sure you don’t forget to change your app_id and accesstoken.

backends: ['coscale-statsd-plugin'],
flushInterval: 10000,

coscaleApiHost: '',
coscaleAppId: '[[app_id]]',
coscaleAccessToken: '[[accessToken]]'

It should look something like:

  graphitePort: 2003
, graphiteHost: "localhost"
, port: 8125
, backends: ['coscale-statsd-plugin']
, flushInterval: 10000

, coscaleApiHost: ''
, coscaleAppId: '[[app_id]]'
, coscaleAccessToken: '[[accessToken]]'

Now restart the StatsD daemon

# Debian / Ubuntu
sudo service statsd restart

Integrating with your application.

StatsD has many libraries available to push your own data right from application code. You can find a full list here.