Basic dashboard features

On this page we will show off some of the basic features that are included on every dashboard.

Time range options

Turning on compare mode

Compare mode can be togged on and off using the date picker in the top left of the dashboard.

Turning compare mode on/off

Reverting to previous time selection

Once you have zoomed into a graph it is possible to back to your previous time selection by using the option in the date picker Reverting to previous time selection


Using the dashboard quick select you can quickly choose to show data from a couple of predefined time ranges. Dashboard quickselect



To show events on a specific chart open the widget wizard and select the events you wish to show under “Events”. Show events


Clicking on a point in the chart allows you to show a more detailed view by clicking on “Show details” in the tooltip Show details of point

The same tooltip can be used to expand and isolate certain data series from your chart. Expand and isolate on a chart


The legend for a chart can be enabled in the widget options menu Hide/show the legend


You can zoom into a chart by dragging from one point to another point on the chart Zooming into a chart


Some charts will have forensics available. These are snapshots of extra data taken to help debug the data. Showing forensics

More detailed information about forensics can be found here:

Advanced options Tiles


To make a tile on a dashboard link to another dashboard you can add a link in the “Link Options” step in the widget wizard. Widget link to another dashboard

Data mode

The tile data mode can be changed by option the widget options menu and selecting a new data mode Changing data mode