Dashboard events

Dashboards can be shared with all users, specific users, public url or private. Depending on the setting different user have access to the dashboard.

  • All users

    Everyone with an account to your application can access the dashboard.

  • Private

    Only the current logged in user can access the dashboard.

  • Public

    After setting the permission to public and saving, you will receive an url from the CoScale system. You can then share this url with other users outside of CoScale. This means that they won’t need to login to be able to access the information available on the dashboard.

  • Specific users

    Select a group of users that can access the dashboard. These users should have an account on your application.

How to change the permission of a dashboard

  1. Go to a dashboard an open the settings menu.

    Screenshot of Dashboard settings

  2. Select the permissions

    Screenshot of Dashboard settings sharing options

  3. Click save


After setting the permissions to public you will receive a notification with the url of the public dashboard.

Screenshot of public dashboard notification

You can always find the url again by going to your dashboard settings.

Screenshot of public dashboard settings