Widgets are your main visualization tools inside CoScale, we support a wide range of different kinds and allow many customization options. To add widgets and see the array of possibilities you can click the ‘Add widget’ button inside our dashboards.



Widgets have a lot of different settings, most depend on the type. You can find them by clicking the hamburger menu inside the widget. This will open a dropdown containing the options for that widget. Below you can find the more general settings available.
  • Widget settings: Contains the settings for selected metrics and servers.
  • Show legend: Opens the left sidebar containing the legend of the widget. Here you can find an overview of the available metrics.
  • Show tooltip: Opens the right sidebar containing the tooltip of the widget. Here you can find the value of the point you are hovering over.
  • Enable time lock: Every widget on the page follows the time selector by default, with the time lock you can lock a widget on a certain timerange.
  • Delete this widget: Removes the widget from the dashboard.
<img src="/gfx/dashboard/widgets/hamburger_menu.png" alt="class="col-s screenshot" class="img-responsive" />


  • Chart
  • Table
  • Errors
  • Tile
  • Heatmap
  • Pie chart
  • Gauge
  • Event overview
  • Anomaly timeline


Chart screenshot


Table screenshot


Heatmap screenshot

Pie chart

Pie chart screenshot


Gauge screenshot


Tile screenshot

Event overview

Event overview screenshot

Anomaly timeline

Anomaly timeline screenshot