Datasource overview

Below you can find an overview of what CoScale can monitor on your environment. When available, you can click the name of the components to get documentation on how to integrate with a certain service or application. If you have any questions or remarks, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Data collection of your business metrics and business indicators.
Google Analytics icon Google Analytics

Users (RUM)

Data collection of your visitors' experience including pageload time, resources API calls, backend and frontend.
Internet explorer 10
Firefox 38
Chrome 31
Opera 30


Data collection from your servers.

CoScale agent

Data collection from many services running on your machine.

Container monitoring

Plugins for container monitoring.

Generic monitoring

Plugins for generic monitoring.
CoScale resources icon CoScale Resources
CPU, Disk, Memory, Network
JMX icon JMX


Plugins for web services.


Plugins for relational databases.


Plugins for additional services.

Thirdparty resources

Data collection from thirdparty resources.


Data collection from automated jobs.
= Only supported by Linux agents.
= Only supported by Windows agents.