Real user monitoring


Installing Real User Monitoring in your code

A quick how to guide on installing and configuring the CoScale Real user monitoring component for monitoring your front-end performance.

Integrating Real User Monitoring with Google Tag Manager

Step by step instructions on how to add the RUM component javascript to Google Tag manager.



Group pages with tags to measure the performance of similar pages.


Measure the performance of certain parts of your front-end application.


What RUM metrics we collect and how they are measured


Browser support

Our snippet is fully supported by 66,31% and partially 81,43% supported on all popular browsers. (source sep 2015)

IE Edge Firefox Chrome Safari Opera iOS Safari Opera Mini Android Browser Chrome for Android
8 31 7.1 4.1
9 38 43 8.4 4.3
10 39 44 9 31 9 4.4.4
11 12 40 45 10 32 10 8 44 44
13 41 46 11 33 11
42 47 34
43 48

Green version are fully supported, yellow may lack some required features and red is not supported.

iOS & Android Support for Navigation and Resource Timing

  iOS 7 UIWebView iOS 8 WKWebView Android 4.3 Webkit Webview Android 4.4 Chromium Webview
Navigation Timing No Yes Yes Yes
Resource Timing No No No Yes

Navigation Timing is an API that measures client performance and gives access to the full timing information related to the page, from when the browser opened the connection to when it resolved the DNS name to when it finished loading the page..

The Resource Timing API allows you to collect complete timing information related to resources in a document. It enables you to measure user latency, which is crucial to benchmark web pages. Using the Resource Timing API allows us to retrieve and analyze a detailed profile of all the network timing data for every resource on the page.