How to introduce CoScale to your hosting provider


  1. Log in to your account

    If you don’t have an account, fill in the form at CoScale Free Trial. Our team will get in touch with you to help set up the trial. After registering, you will be able to log in to your CoScale account.

  2. Invite your Hosting Provider to CoScale Click on Users -> Manage -> Invite user Invite user

  3. Learn more about CoScale’s solution

    Visit to learn more about CoScale’s Full Stack Web Performance Monitoring solution. Send this URL to your hosting provider also.


  1. You will receive the invitation to use CoScale. After registering you will have access to the platform.

    Invite user

  2. Create a new agent

    The CoScale lightweight agent is used to monitor server infrastructure and services, it uses log parsing and global status pages to gather its data and pushes the data to the CoScale platform through HTTPS calls.

    • Go to Datasources -> Agent. Click on “Create new CoScale agent” Invite user

    • Select your operating system. We will use Ubuntu 14.04 in this tutorial. Invite user

    • Choose a plugin (e.g. Apache) Invite user

    • Proceed with configuration, as described in every configuration step for the selected plugin Invite user Invite user Invite user

    • After selecting and configuring all the plugins you need, proceed to “Next Step”. This will display a summary of the Agent and the selected plugins. Click on “Save agent”. Invite user

    • Download the Agent on your server and install it Invite user

      Invite user

    • You should see the Agent “Online” automatically Invite user

    • Click on Finish to close the Configuration section

    • If you wish to add another plugin, click on “Configure” for a specific Agent and follow the steps

      New plugin

      For other platforms and plugins, please refer to the full documentation available here:

    • Real User Monitoring

      The CoScale Real User Monitoring service, or RUM for short, is a Javascript snippet that provides insight into the performance on the user’s computer and devices. It tells you what is happening with your application after the webpage has left your infrastructure. We monitor API calls, static resources like Javascript and CSS, and external services like Google Analytics and Facebook. We measure how long they take to load and the impact on the page load time of your website.

      The snippet will have little to no impact on webpage performance, it uses the browser API to retrieve data and will run after the page is loaded.

      Go to Datasources -> Real user monitoring, copy and paste the snippet provided in the desired pages of your website, right before the </head> tag:

      Invite user

      After adding the javascript snippet to your website, CoScale will automatically detect your web pages and list them in Metrics -> Real user monitoring.

      Initially, the page will look like this:

      Invite user


      Invite user

      And, after the mining process is finished, you should have access to Real User Monitoring data. For more details, please refer to the full documentation, available here:

    If you have questions or remarks, please don’t hesitate to contact us via